The Cotswold Salon is the UK’s National Print Exhibition of Monochrome Photography and in its 22 years it’s seen many now well-known photographers make their first entry into an exhibition. The popularity of the Salon has remained high over those years with a consistent level of entries and we are determined that this should continue.

We are, however, aware of how many things have changed in those years. The many processes which bring the Salon together now feel overly labour-intensive and limiting to its future growth; we have to consider the impact of rising costs and there is a new generation of black and white photographers we need to reach out to using 21st century media.

In order to address these issues we have formed a working party charged with creating a leaner, fitter Salon with a wider audience to take us forward into the forseeable future.

However, this will be a significant review and we feel it unlikely that it could be completed and subsequent actions implemented before the next Salon is due to open for entries in early April. Consequently we’ve taken the decision not to hold the Cotswold Salon in 2018 and for it to re-open in 2019.

Whilst it’s inevitable that there will be a good number of changes please be assured that the Cotswold Salon will remain a monochrome print exhibition open to both digital and silver prints.

The working party will be led by our Cotswold Salon Secretary, Geoff Midwinter who would welcome any thoughts, comments or experiences from previous Salon entrants via

If you’d like more information about our Salon you can read about the one we held in 2017 HERE

David Bowker-Praed Chairman