Cotswold Salon

The National Exhibition of Monochrome Photography

The Cotswold Salon was first run in 1995, and has gone from strength to strength to become a popular exhibition for monochrome photographers in the UK. It is run under the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain rules and forms part of the British Photographic Exhibition circuit.

The Salon has changed over the years to cater for modern photographic methods. Digital photography was initially restricted to prints, but then changed to include projected images as well. After three years the organisers have decided to revert to a ‘print only’ exhibition. The venues available have not been suitable to display projected images in the professional manner that they deserved.

If you are a previous entrant who has provided us with an email address, you will receive details at the start of the year.  We are trying to cut costs as the Salon is a non-profit making event and we are trying to keep entry fees as low as possible.

If you are thinking of entering the Salon for the first time – please do not hesitate before doing so. Everyone has a chance of achieving an acceptance, which certainly worth striving for.

Entry is made on-line from mid April up to the closing date in May.  Entrants are asked to submit their full details, print titles and make their payment via PayPal. We require a digital copy of the print as part of the entry.  This may be a problem for darkroom users, but the system will cater for that  (please see the Help files)