Salon Rules 2017


Cotswold Salon 2017  Rules and Conditions of Entry

1. ELIGIBILITY: The ‘Cotswold Salon’ National Exhibition of Monochrome Photography is open to all Photographers in the UK.

2. REGISTRATION: All entrants MUST register their details and print titles on-line at This will include uploading a 2480 X 1748 (size up to 1.9MB max) jpeg file of the image for use in the catalogue. Following a successful registration the entrant will receive a confirmation email containing dedicated labels to be attached to each print entry. Failure to attach the labels MAY disqualify the print from the judging process. For Darkroom / Silver prints where no jpeg image is available, the “no image” jpeg must be attached in place of an image.

3. CATEGORIES: There are THREE categories of entry, ‘Silver Print’, ‘Digital Print’ and Triptych category. All three categories must be printed in monochrome The first two categories, (Silver and Digital), have the same THREE classes.
For Definition of Silver, Digital and Monochrome: See Rule 19)

4. TRIPTYCH: This category is for a panel of three prints, separately mounted, which can be on any subject and can be either Silver or Digital or a combination of both. All prints must be either 3 portrait or 3 landscape. NOT a combination of both formats. ONLY ONE panel per entrant will be accepted.

5. CLASSES: The classes for Silver and Digital prints are:
‘Scapes’: This class is for Land /Sea / Water /Cloud / Urban scapes etc. Defined as any view, where the overall image IS the ‘scape’ and where people or animals are not prominent in the scene.
‘Living’: This class is for People or Animal portraits whether they are Candid, Studio, Group, Individual, Sport or Animal images. The image IS that person, persons, animal or animals and who are not just an ancillary part of the image.
‘Other’: This class will include any other subject not catered for in either of the above classes. (e.g. No ‘People’ or ’Animal’ portraits or any type of ‘Scapes’ etc)

Please Note: A MAXIMUM of four prints may be entered in to EACH CLASS, (total 24 prints). All prints must be entered into the appropriate category and class for their photographic subject or method. Prints wrongly entered may be marked down by the Selectors and will not be eligible for any Awards.

6. NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ENTRY: Any entries that have been accepted in any previous ‘Cotswold Salon’, or any images that are very similar to an entrant’s previously accepted image are not eligible for submission to ANY of the classes or categories, regardless of the original category or class the accepted print was previously entered.

7. PROCESSES: All photographic processes and techniques shall be eligible provided that the original image or images were taken by the entrant and originate from a photographic process – silver or digital. Entrant must hold the copyright to that image. All darkroom printing or computer manipulation must be the sole work of the entrant. Professional printing of a digital image is acceptable provided that no image manipulation has been carried out by any person other than the entrant.

8. SELECTION PROCESS: All prints submitted to the exhibition will be individually viewed by the appointed Selectors under what is generally known as the ‘Edinburgh System’. Only those prints selected by the Selectors for joint viewing will be given a mark in the range of 9 to 15. (Those prints not marked will received a score of 0)

9. AWARDS: The Selectors may award Gold and Silver medals to each class, as they see fit. In addition each selector will make an award to a print of their personal choice. Highly Commended prints will each receive a PAGB Ribbon and a Cotswold Salon Certificate. Commended images will each receive a Cotswold Salon Certificate. No image shall be eligible for more than one award.

10. PRINT PRESENTATION: All prints MUST be mounted. Mounts must measure a maximum of 20 x 16 inches (50.8 x 40.6cm) and a minimum of 19 x 15 inches (48.3 x 38.1cm). (Mounts that do not comply with the maximum or minimum size requirements WILL be rejected).
The allocated print label must be attached to the back of the print, in the top right hand corner when viewed with the narrowest side of the print mount uppermost, wherever possible. Names or titles shall not appear on the front surface.
There is NO minimum image size. PLEASE NOTE: Plastic sleeves covering prints will be removed on arrival and will not be replaced - please assist us by not using them. Every care is taken with print safety, so they are not needed.

11. PRINT PROTECTION: Your prints must be protected against delivery/handling damage. Whether you post or deliver your entry personally, purpose made Print Boxes - such as those produced by Nomad - are the best method of print protection. (Personally delivered prints will undergo further transportation before being unpacked so will still need protection.) If a print box is not used then sufficient wrapping AND new packaging must be included with your prints to facilitate their safe transport and return. Prints NOT in a standard print box take our volunteers much longer to unpack and subsequently re-pack.

12. PRINT ENTRIES: All entry details must be submitted using the on-line registration facility at The correct entry fee (£1.50 per print with a minimum entry fee of £8.00) plus return postages costs may be paid on-line using Pay Pal. If unable to use Pay Pal please make your cheque payable to: ‘Cotswold Monochrome’.

13. DELIVERY: Entries may be posted, or delivered personally, from Monday 10th April to:
Peter Campion,
32 Gloucester Street,Winchcombe,GloucestershireGL54 5LX
Telephone: 01242 604227
(see the website for any other drop off/collection points)

Carriers, such as ‘My-Hermes’, are recommended as a much cheaper method of delivering your prints,

14. CALENDAR: Entries must arrive before the closing date stated in the exhibition calendar. If you use one of our collection points, prints must be delivered there by the earlier date stated.

15. RESULTS: Entrants will be notified of their results by email and will each receive a copy of the exhibition catalogue. The catalogues will be available for collection at the venue during the exhibition. Those not collected will be packaged with the prints at the end of the Salon. n.b. prints not accepted for exhibition cannot be returned before the closing date.

16. PRINT RETURN: All prints will be returned using a carrier (My-Hermes) unless you intend to collect them personally. Prints being collected personally must be collected before Saturday 2nd September. If, for any reason, prints cannot be collected by that date the entrant will be requested to forward sufficient funds to cover the postage and packing costs for their return.

17. CROWN AWARD SCHEME: Entries selected for display at the exhibition, subject to the scheme rules, will count towards the British Photographic Exhibitions Crown Award Scheme.

18. LEGALITIES: Entrant details will be kept on a computer file for the future mailing of Salon notices. The organisers will take every reasonable care of the entries received, but cannot accept any liability for their loss or damage, however caused.

Permission to reproduce or publish selected prints, without payment, solely for promotional purposes of the Cotswold Salon and/or the Cotswold Monochrome group  across all media, is granted by the author through his/her entry to the Salon.

Copyright of all images remains with the author who must accept that his/her image may be displayed on the Group’s website where unauthorised copying is a possibility.

The following definitions will apply for this Salon:

Silver Print
A Silver print is defined as an image captured on film or paper and printed in the darkroom using wet chemistry. It is made without the use of a digital medium during any part of the process of taking or printing the image. If a film negative is scanned and printed digitally this is a Digital print not a Silver print. If a digital image is used to make a film negative then printed in a darkroom using wet chemistry it is still a Digital print.

Digital Print: (i) A scanned negative image that has, at some stage of its production, been stored, altered, manipulated or printed using any computer process, or (ii) an image that has been produced using a digital camera regardless of any later treatment.

Monochrome: An image that is a straight black and white image, or a black and white image to which ONE colour has been added, partially or fully, by toning, filtering or by sticking on other elements.

20. SUBMISSION: Submission of an entry shall be taken as an acceptance of these rules and conditions.

You may wish to download a copy of these rules from HERE