How to Enter the Salon

Before you start your entry into the Salon,  please do read the Salon Rules for 2017. You'll be able to download a copy of the rules if you so wish.

Once you have read the rules please use the button on the Entry Page.

Entering your details

Down the left hand side you will see a set of information panels there is a link to the RULES and also a link to the CONTACT page. Please use this link if you have any questions after you have completed your entry.

Step1. Click the ENTRY button. This will take you to the entry details page.

Fields in  RED *  are required fields and must be entered. If you have not filled in all fields correctly you will not be able to proceed with your entry.

Once completed click the ENTER  button.

This takes you to the first of SEVEN pages for Monochrome Print entries. The sections are (in order):  (remember: Digital Prints are made on a Computer: Silver Prints are produced in a darkroom)

  • Digital Print “Scapes” Section
  • Digital Print “Living” Section
  • Digital Print “Other” Section
  • Silver Print “Scapes” Section
  • Silver Print “Living” Section
  • Silver Print “Other” Section  and
  • “Triptych Panel” Section (Prints)

Please make sure you enter your image titles and upload a copy of your images on the correct page(s).

The first page is for Digital Print Scapes section.  If you are not entering this section click the UPLOAD/NEXT button  to progress to the next section and continue pressing that button until you find the correct page for your entry class and category. If you need to go back to a previous page use the GO BACK button. 

Do not use your Browser Back Button. This will re-start the entry process and may lose any data you have entered.

'Triptych' Entry instructions

This section is new for 2016 and will be judged as a panel of THREE prints. This can be on any subject, but must comply with the size rules of the other sections. All prints MUST< be mounted. Mounts must measure a maximum of 20 x 16 inches (50.8 x 40.6cm) and a minimum of 19 x 15 inches (48.3 x 38.1cm).(Mounts that do not comply with the maximum or minimum size requirements WILL be rejected). The allocated print labels must be attached to the back of the prints, in the top right hand corner when viewed with the narrowest side of the print mount uppermost, wherever possible. Names or titles shall not appear on the front surface. There is NO minimum image size.

On the entry form, the 'panel title' must be entered as the IMAGE TITLE  for all three prints together with the image position number:

  1. Birds of a Feather (Print 1)
  2. Birds of a Feather (Print 2)
  3. Birds of a Feather (Print 3)

The print bases must be in the same plane e.g. alongside one another.   The images can be either Digital or Silver OR a combination of both. Due to the limited space at the Salon venue only the medal winners will be displayed.

Finalising your entry and making Payments

Once you have finished entering print titles and uploading your images you will come to the IMAGE CONFIRMATION PAGE. On this page you should see all the images you have uploaded along with their titles. Please take time to check that these details are correct.

Down the left hand edge of this page there is a section titled “Changing Your Data”. Included in this section is an 11 character reference number (e.g. A12-345-678). This is your personal reference number, so please make a note of  it as you will need that number  if you want to make any additions, alterations or changes to your entry.

If you wish to change anything at this stage click the GO BACK button. This will take you back to the entry page so you can make any changes. If everything is correct click the CONFIRM button. This will take you to the all important payments page.

Check that all the details on this page are correct. If at this stage you wish to change anything you will need to click the GO BACK button. This takes you back the Cotswold Monochrome Salon information page.  Navigate you way to the Entry Page and, by entering your reference number , you can make amendments  without having to go through the whole process from the start. All your detail will still be there, you just have to finally check that they are correct.

If everything is correct click the PAY NOW button. This will take you to the Paypal payment page. Here you need to give details of you method of payment. This information is kept by Paypal not The Cotswold Salon and is protected under the financial services act, so your details are safe.    If your print box is be be returned by Carrier, please include the return postage charges - if necessary.  Only one payment per box is required, so entrants sharing a box - take care.

You may also choose to click the PAY LATER button or if you have already paid click the ALREADY PAID button.

Once you have completed this section click the CONFIRM button. Your entry is then complete. You will  receive a confirmation email, which contains all the details of your entry. It is important that you check these details carefully, if anything is wrong your entry may not be judged.

Attached to the confirmation email are your print labels. The labels MUST be attached to your correct prints prior to your sending them to us. If you do not attach these labels your prints may not be judged.

Good Luck with your entry