The Cotswold Salon


Ross McKelvey Gold Medal 2016

The Cotswold Monochrome group has again looked to inspire more photographers to produce amazing black and white images and to print brilliant black and white prints for the Cotswold Salon 2017.

It’s a fabulous opportunity to exhibit monochrome prints alongside photographers from across the UK.

The Cotswold Salon is Britain’s only National Monochrome print exhibition and attracts entries of black and white silver or digital prints from both professional and amateur photographers throughout the UK.

Chris Fell Highly Commended Ribbon 2016

There are three main sections for both digital prints and silver prints. “SCAPES” where the main subject is a landscape, sea-scape etc; “LIVING” where the main subject is a living person or animal; “OTHER” where the main subject is not a ‘scape’ or a ‘living’ subject.
For the second year Cotswold Monochrome have introduced for both digital and silver prints a “TRIPTYCH” section which is a combined open class print panel of 3 prints.

Roger Parry MPAGB, ARPS, EFIAP, Hon PAGB, ESFIAP was one of the selectors for the 2017 Salon. He said, ‘ I would encourage people to just have a go at turning out good quality black and white images, either by converting some colour to black and white or actually shooting in monochrome.’



Entries are independently selected using the Edinburgh System and the Salon is run under the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain rules and forms part of the British Photographic Exhibition circuit.

A number of Gold, Silver and Selector Awards are available together with Highly Commended ribbons and Certificates of Commendation.

As in previous years Cotswold Monochrome have seen a wide range of images and styles and a high standard of entries.

Leigh Preston FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB, FIPF is well known as a club lecturer and international salon exhibitor and was a selector for the Cotswold Salon in 2015. He says “A great picture has a soul, an atmosphere and a humanity as well as having good composition and being technically sound. In the Cotswold Salon I saw many examples of personal style, balance, personal meaning and a narrative and I can really encourage photographers to submit their very best images for selection in this year’s event.’

Now in its 22nd year the annual event has seen many now well-known photographers make their first entry into an exhibition.

Ross McKelvery MPAGB FBPE FIPF EFIAP/S and Gold Medal Awardee in 2016 says, “From the point where I excitedly dipped my toe into the water by entering the Cotswold Salon for the first time, the standard of my photography has increased several-fold.  I am in no doubt that by participating in the likes of the Cotswold Monochrome Salon, photographers will see their own standard of photography improve.’

The Cotswold Salon is open to photographers at all levels of experience and everyone has a chance of achieving an acceptance whether you produce prints from digital images or use film. Take a look at our short presentation to see what our selectors look for.

The selected prints for the 2017 Cotswold Salon were on view at our exhibition held at Blackfriars Priory, Ladybellegate Street, Gloucester GL1 2HN

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